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  • site evaluation and feasibility studies
  • conceptualisation, layout, design functionality
  • strategic leasing plans
  • tenant co-ordination and administration
  • development facilitation

Retail Network Services have often been described as shopping centre development visionaries. Many developers approach the company with a tract of land and a vague idea. The team at Retail Network Services conduct relevant market research and feasibility studies to define the needs and extent of the market. They evaluate the site for location, accessibility and transport routes.

Once they have the green light and are confident that the site has potential for a successful development they assist with raising finance for the project and put a professional team of seasoned experts together to make the project a reality. They then keep their finger on the pulse continually throughout the development phase to ensure that the project is managed optimally from start to finish.

The company is cogniscent of the fact that rental is a function of turnover and will only undertake projects if feasibility studies reflect that the proposed site offers market potential to achieve the desired turnovers.

Years of experience and an innate understanding of what works in a variety of retail environments ensures that Retail Network Services is able to come up with a retail concept that will work. Their attention to detail on the design, layout and functionality of the centre is critical to attaining high trading volumes, content tenants and high returns for the developer.

Retail Network Services rely heavily on research done by outsourced professionals to ensure that the tenant mix is suited to the community. This assists in determining the range of merchandise as well as the pricing of the merchandise to ensure that it matches the market. The company also assists with the procurement of tenants, using their existing relationships with the national retailers, their extensive database and through their ongoing development of smaller independents.

The company assists tenants with the layout, design and presentation of merchandise to ensure that a world class product is presented to the consumer. This includes managing the shop fitting to ensure every detail from the tiles and paintwork to the signage and lighting is conducive to the environment and will add to the visual appeal of the centre.

The company provides a pivotal link between the professional team, the developer and the tenants and ensures that every aspect of the development is managed and meets deadlines.